pic: team 25 body building show

The Competitors line up in front of 7 years of team 25 robots in our first Body Building and Fitness Show

While many were at Monty Madness we at team 25 were exploring new ways to raise funds…

“Send the Shirts Home” Hawaiian Regional initiative- step 1

BIG success-


Mr. C - That is fantastic.
What was the name of the event, I can’t quite make out the sign?

(My husband trained body builders and weight lifters for many years in his old timey free weight gym.)

The full-size picture seems to indicate “Raider Robotix Bodybuilding, Figure, and Health Expo”.

I’ve seen some odd fundraisers over the years, but this one takes the cake. Kudos for thinking outside the box!

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I second Billfred’s congrats, that is truly a unique fundraiser. Where did the idea come from?

One of our team advisor’s has been affiliated with bodybuilding for a long time. We thought it would be a good idea to explore new ways of fund-raising and spreading the message of FIRST.

EDIT: I was asked how we make money off this:
Basically, we sold tables outside for people to demo their service/product and the participants had to pay a certain amount to compete. This is because an event works as a qualifier for a bigger event - or something along those lines. To watch the show, people had to buy a ticket.

Wow… I was totally expecting ‘bodybuilding’ competition to be a joke… thought i was going to see some guys with ball-pein hammers fixing dents in sheet metal or something… not an actual body building contest… :o

Its definitely THE most unique fundraising I’ve ever seen… hmm… think i will end up trying that jelly donut eating contest anyhow… hawii here we come… :wink:


I have moobs too… just they are rounder and more flabby… :o

It should be noted, when we left the HS after dropping off Daisy, the car infront of us had the license plates “4MUSCLES” on it…

I’ve had a window into the world of free weights and machines for almost 30 years. This is what I know:
weight training is often mind over matter - when you lock out that last rep, when you succeed in a personal best.
For those who commit to a life of lifting and training, it means self discipline in areas of exercise, eating habits, training, rest - balancing this with school, work, social activities. Often the social activities suffer unless you meet those who live the life you do and understand it. You are competitive, usually with yourself but can be with others as well, esp. in the competition venue. To prepare for competition, the regimen becomes more strict, more intense, more focused. Weight training can help with overall build and well being.

Awesome job to Team 25! When Wayne told me about this fundraiser during lunch at PARC, I thought he was joking. Obviously, no joke.

Question 1 - you guys willing to share how much you raised during this fundraiser?

Question 2 - what are the rules and deadlines for the caption contest?

Question 3 - Wayne, I can’t recognize you without the Hawaiian shirt? Which one are you again? :smiley:

1- we profited over $2000 for the day and have a capitalized $1000 in trophies and gear pre-bought and ready for next season. We project a $4k event next year if the crowd is the same and we get similar participation.

2.- captions- what captions?

3- I am the guy in the purple banana hammock right in the center with the blue tube over my shoulder. I got very tan for the competition.

Ive always said that if you build the team the successes will come. This event proved that the team can do just about anything and it was great training for them to work together and learn how to put on an event. We need that training for our young team with BE6 coming in November.

As Bharat said- we wanted to get funds from some source other than the same group of parents and robot related people. This event open the doors into a new world for both us and the competitors. My team is learning a lot about new people. And these guys were impressed what a bunch of robo kids can do.

If you think this was a strange fundraiser wait until you see what we have planned for September…

WC :cool:

(BTW- the guy in the pic that is "me"above runs a CAD company and offered to hire some of my team right on the spot for summer work. He was VERY impressed with FIRST and our team. I can see him coaching his own FIRST team in the near future…)

About $2100 in one night, which wasn’t too bad considering very few of our students had ever seen let alone run, a body building show. This is the net profit from the show–we spent about $1800 to put it on, but $1500 that was supplies/extra trophies/etc can be reused for next year’s show, making it a worthwhile investment. We expect next year’s net to be much greater.
Question 2 - what are the rules and deadlines for the caption contest?


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Next year we will have Wayne in the show. He is already getting ready for it.
Can anyone help me with being able to post photos. I would like to put up photos from the show and this past season.
Wait till you see the fundraiser that we are talking about doing.

Head to CD-Media (in the gray bar, right above the orange bar, right above the ads), and click “upload” under the Pictures heading. Fill in the form, tag the picture (remember that teams get tagged frcXXXX, e.g. frc25 or frc1618), and boom. :slight_smile:

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The better question: Why didn’t it work? Did it spit out an error message? (The 750kb limit on image sizes has tripped me up on many an occasion.) Was it a picture likely to be rejected by the moderators? What OS and browser are you using?

A few more details would be great.

Here is an article about the event that was recently published in one of our local newspapers.

Students, keep this in mind as you prepare to head off to college. The AudoDesk Inventor and 3dsMax programs that you become familiar with in FRC become valuable skills on your resume. My son worked with both of these programs during his time in FRC, and he is currently doing CAD work at the university he attends, part-time during the schoolyear and full-time during any breaks. It pays much better than most student positions.

I did not even have a choice of putting the photos up. I think I am restricted. Does anyone know how to get me off of the restricted list?
The show made about $2,500.00, but we also have around $1,300.00 in supplies that we can use for next year which most of it includes trophies. Next year we expect to make about $4,000.00-$6,000.00. Unlike most of the other fundraisers, all of the money raised came from outside of FIRST. Which means it was the parents, family, or friends of the students on the team spending the money. If anyone else is having a bodybuilding show and needs trophies let me know.
What do you all think of having a FIRST bodybuilding organization for fundraising?