pic: team 25 EM 5 in lift mode

lifts to total height in 2.5 seconds, rapid pick up, lots of muscle, auto modes “in diversity” , a fun bot from the makers of Evil Machine 4

Mmmm… 8 wheel drive?

Looks sharp! The design looks very simple and effective, should do amazingly well in competition.

8 wheel drive eh…VERY NICE. I remember it was fairly hard to push you guys as opposed to other robots last year in Atlanta. 8 wheel drive should be close to impossible :smiley:

sweet robot!

8? wow…

Also, does the grabber change its angle to the floor to be able to pick up from the wall? Or do you plan on just knocking them down.

Yes, it can change its angle.

Once again it looks great I hope to beable to see it in person this year.

Great looking robot again! Hope to see it in NJ. Two question though, how does your lift work and are you still using a similar kind of gear drive as last year.

A belt system elevates it and we are using the same drive system as every year.

We may have out-shined Team 75 this year :wink: .

Very nice. Was there a specific reason for the shift to an eight wheel drive?


could you be more specific?

Are the two center pairs lowered, or do you still brute force the turns?

I can almost guarantee they brute force it, it’s 25 after all…

none of the above the to middle ones are omin wheels.

omni wheels? Hahahaha. I hope you have a sense of humor

And to answer your question, yes i think we are brute forcing it unless we made an error in the frame :stuck_out_tongue:

everyone should expect another near-perfect performance from 25:D

I’m not sure which is weirder: that someone on 25 would even joke about omnis, or that I actually went back and looked again at the picture to check.

Hope to see this thing in Atlanta!

you should see the square wheels they wanted to use…:rolleyes:

I like those speed holes… those are nice speed holes.(our team determined that I think speed holes are sexy)

But really, it’s a sweet robot.

hahaha i think you may have :stuck_out_tongue:

but this looks like yet another amazing robot, great work guys!