pic: Team 25 - Evil Machine 12.0 AKA Catch-25

After finishing as finalists and Engineering Inspiration Award winners at the MAR Hatboro-Horsham District Competition this past weekend, Team 25, Raider Robotix, is proud to publicly unveil our 2014 robot.

Reveal Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbGKGYMBeoI

Hatboro-Horsham QF 4-1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfYgWq9Wxl0

Hatboro-Horsham Recap: http://www.raiderrobotix.org/2014/03/04/hatboro-horsham-event-recap/

Were you cautioned or warned about your net by the refs or the inspection team? We also have a net and we’re thinking if we should cover it up with something (like, for example, a transparent shower curtain) so that the other robots wouldn’t get tangled in it.

We had the pleasure of playing against 25 this past weekend, and their net is actually really, really well thought out when looking at the entanglement risk. I’m not sure if they were hassled by the refs or inspectors at all, but I wasn’t the least bit worried about getting stuck in their net. In the starting configuration, and pretty much any time when they’re not catching, the net stores well inside the frame perimeter and is pretty tight and out of the way. Once the net is out, it’s pretty high off the ground, meaning that a lot of robots actually can go right under it.

I’ll admit that I was skeptical of this robot at the beginning, but it’s starting to grow on me.

I see … But our net is 20 cm off the ground, always extended outside the frame perimeter, dangling, and kind of loose.

20 centimeters? 8" off the ground? And I assume that you start with it inside the frame perimeter and let it drop…

I suggest tightening that net up, a lot, as soon as you can, including figuring out a way to bring it inside the frame perimeter whenever you want to. It’s probably going to be an entangling magnet. Considering that just about every robot out there is taller than its bumpers, you’re asking for trouble.

On the other hand, this is also going to depend a bit on the inspectors and refs. After the first entanglement call, you’re probably going to be back at inspection until it’s fixed.

Exactly, we let it drop in the beginning of the match, but we don’t have time to make a mechanism to reel it back in. Do you think that it would help to put a transparent sheet of something to cover the net (so that the net is still functional, it doesn’t tangle the robots nor does it block the view of drivers)?

You’re going to need to do something. Otherwise, you’ll be either entangling or getting damaged just about every match, probably both. A transparent sheet of something might help; a pretty fine mesh would be an excellent option (less chance of tangling unless you’ve taken damage). I would also suggest coming up with a way of pulling in the netting supports at least partially to get them farther out of the way (and avoid penalties).

Like I said, we can cover up the net, but we do not have anytime whatsoever to design and build a mechanism to bring in the net.

What a fantastic catcher. I love that a well-known team like 25 decided to go with this bold design.
You guys are on my “watch” list for 2014. :slight_smile:

At the beginning of the season, I knew that a robot with awesome catching and inbounding ability would be the ultimate utility robot, and i hoped that somebody would build this robot. You’ll be playing after lunch on saturday in st. louis for sure.

I, too, will admit that I was skeptical when Shaun first showed me video of this bot. 25’s execution during their matches was great though. Definitely a nice recovery from the 2013 season. Hope to play you guys at MAR Champs and 2495 will see you at Lenape!

You may have to weight your ability to catch with a net against the penalty for entanglement. At least one team was warned by their inspector that their net was an entanglement hazard. Thankfully for them it never happened.

I don’t have anything technical to say so I’m just gonna go for it…

:cool:Spider bot, Spider bot,
Does what ever a Spider bot can,
Can he-e catch a ball?
Yes he can cause he’s a bot,
Look out…
Here comes the Spider bot!:cool:

Nice to see someone else with a similar style intake (folds out and can kick the ball). Even has the same green wheels :smiley:

Seriously sweet catch.