pic: Team 25 IR Goggles

Latest photo of Team 25 IR Goggles. Just curious. Who else is using them. They are great and very effective.

here is a little info for you.


how does that work its it just a filter or is it like a sensor?

Both. We wanted to see the interference and have true line of site driving.:smiley:

Kind of a dumb question, but what is the point of them?

First of all, the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask!

The point of the IR Goggles is to be able to see the Infrared light being emitted from the remotes on the field. Therefore we can use it to minimize transmission interference and ensure proper communication with the IR board.

I recall a rule prohibiting tinted safety glasses. Also, the “communication system” of the RoboCoach is specified to be “handheld”, which may pose another issue. Pretty cool looking though.


I’ve gotten the chance to see them work and its absolutely nuts, you can see beams of light, like light sabers in blast. This will enable 25 to determine transmission pulse structure and maximize their IR performance.

It is going to be interesting to see them in action.

That is really cool, I never would have thought of that. Nice thought!

d00d that’s sick!

Headmounted has been declared OK by Q&A. The tint might be an issue, but certain tints are legal.

how much did they cost, and where did you get them from? (if i may ask)

So, we’ve been getting lots of IMs and emails about how you can’t see IR indoors. Well, this video was taken indoors–decide for yourself. :slight_smile:


That’s an awesome idea! Good luck with it you guys!:slight_smile:

Uhh… guys, I don’t mean to rain on your parade, but isn’t this kinda a direct violation of <T22>?

[quote=Section 9 “The Tournament” from <T22> ]The only equipment that may be brought on to the field is the OPERATOR CONSOLE,reasonable decorative items, and special clothing and/or equipment required due to adisability. Other items, particularly those intended to provide a competitive advantage for the ROBOCOACH, are prohibited.
(continues below)

I won’t deny however, it is super cool.

wow that is cool

…now I want to go make a pair just to see the world (except the sun) in IR-Vision

It turns out that you can see the world in IR by (carefully) removing the hot mirror and putting the Congo Blue and Primary Red filters in their place inside a digital camera. It’s pretty awesome.

http://farm1.static.flickr.com/91/216655048_6741599fc3_m.jpg](Frozen | Westford, MA. | Joey Gannon | Flickr)

These are pretty cool, but I don’t see an advantage in the matches.

Camera sensors with proper IR filters can see IR and they make impressive videos. However, it is impossible to make a video of what the human eye actually perceives.

You will not see a beam of light from the LED. They are low power and disperse fairly quickly. You may see that someone has sent an IR command if you are in line-of-sight of the remote.

If one was curious of the science behind this field of optics, go for it. To the rest thinking it will be allowed in the matches, save your money. Spend your time and resources on improving your robot performance.

This rule is intended for the drive teams giving the robotcoach a competitive advantage. It says nothing about remotes.

You’re right. It does say nothing about remotes. But if I understand correctly (and please correct me if I’m wrong), you plan on having your robocoach wear these nifty glasses that let them see IR beams.

<T22> disallows devices which give the robocoach a competitive advantage. By allowing your robocoach to see the IR beam through these nifty glasses, and align precisely with your IR receiver, and avoid interference, aren’t you allowing him/her a competitive advantage, as the ability to see the actual beams is not shared by all robocoaches?

Additionally, what do you mean by the drive team giving the robocoach a competitive advantage?