pic: Team 25 - Raider Robotix 2018 Robot

Team 25 presents our 22nd creation, Evil Machine 16.0.

Reveal Video: https://youtu.be/jc44Tu058JI


Looks great! How well do the delrin guides work? Are they just as good as bearings? It seems much easier to make and to get right. Any good photos?

Here’s a clickable link to the reveal video: https://youtu.be/jc44Tu058JI

We used Delrin guides on our 2007 and 2012 elevators of similar design and never had any problems with them throughout the entire seasons. This year we 3D printed the blocks—they slide just as well as Delrin and are lighter!

What material and what printer did you guys use?

Our high school has a uPrint that uses ABS plastic.

Throughout our first event this past weekend, we did see stressing and have some failures with a few of the plastic slider blocks that were under the highest loads. We reinforced the faces of the blocks with some 1/8” aluminum plate, which completely fixed the problem. We’re currently investigating a few different options for improvement, including slightly modifying the design of the blocks to prevent shearing and having a sponsor print a version using stronger ULTEM 9085.

This robot was on fire at FMA champs, averaging almost 10 cubes a match (with over 50% of them being on the scale). 25 can fit into any strategy, and their in-match strategic choices are spot on. Look out for them in Detroit!

And to Shaun, Kristian & company–congrats on your three wins so far this year!

Every year you guys come out with something impressive. This year blew me out of the water. Was always a joy competing against you guys, looking forward to seeing you guys come out to the Mitten!