pic: Team 2502 Robot 2009

Our completed bot!

Looks cool. that much t-slot can’t be healthy though.

Are those front pieces 6 inches?

5", the CAD people didnt pay attention while designing. Our work around is we added a corner bracket on and we are mounting the brushes to that (im pretty sure it screws straight into the aluminum tslot)

Unfortunately I dont have a picture of it, but I know for a fact it is held very securely.

Basically one of these for t-slot (they have all tslot parts in a pdf and odd page view) (with the gussets)

And actually we are right at the weight limit with that much T-slot and the easy brush adjusting (except for chains) comes in handy.

Also regarding “t-slot ‘health’” we have had couple instances where with so much torque, the horizontal bars that the brushes are installed on to have just loosened and fell apart at the joints. We will need some serious servicing (mostly tightening up every tslots and other bolts) after every match. We lock-tightened everything we could.