pic: Team 2520 Best Rookie Team Award Winner



This is the second award we gave out at the Las Vegas Regional. This award, Best Rookie Award, was awarded to team 2520. They came in 9th place in qualifying matches. This is one of the ways that team 2061 instills gracious professionalism. Congratulations team 2520, hope your team liked the award.


What a great group of kids and mentors…Team 987 is proud to have mentored our friends from Valley High School here in Las Vegas and want to congratulate them for their well deserved Highest Seeded Rookie award! Watch out for these guys…


You guys created your own awards to give out? That’s neat, congrats 2520 on this and highest seeded rookie.


yes we made our own awards to give out to other teams. This was actually the 2nd awards we handed out. We plan on doing this every year for as long as our team exists. We want other team to feel that their hard work, dedication, and teamwork pay off, and so that awards like these help motivate rookie teams even more.


Thats right, they deserved this award and I know that next year they will be even better.