pic: Team 254 2007 robot

Here’s the completed 2007 robot.

Very slick looking. I look forward to seeing it in action in Silicon Valley.

Amazingly simple design!
Nice powdercoating
and possibly the smallest wheels ive ever seen :smiley:
how big are they?

3.875" OD

And yet another great design from 254. looks nice.

So are you guys gonna have ramps or did you scratch those? It seems like a very slim and slick robot from what I can tell and I would assume you have enough weight for a pair of flop down bot lifters. Also, do you plan on scoring ringers horizontally or vertically? Any autonomous?

Can’t wait to see it at SVR. Any chance we could get some video of it in action, or will we have to wait till LA? Looks amazing as always.

We’ll have ramps. They are not pictured in this shot. The robot as shown is appx 82 lbs. We can score from either orientation. We have some video that we will be uploading shortly. stay tuned for the location.

looks nice but it would look better with team 766 playing bodyguard at elimination rounds for you guys at SVR;) .

looking good, can’t wait till thursday.

Do you actually plan on touching that 16 fps high gear? 116 only used our 10.5 fps high gear once all of VCU, there wasn’t much need for it.

:yikes: :eek:

There is alot done in the programming to control the bot @ top speed, and our driver much prefers life in the fast lane. So you can expect to see us moving 15fps most of the match.

That is an amazingly fast arm. Knowing 254’s speedy and maneuverable drive train, this is going to be a winning robot.

I have no doubts they’ll use that 16fps gear. Their drivers have always seemed to use it very well.

that is one amazing robot bot you guys … only three more days until i see it in person

Wow… Beautiful.

Still wish you guys were coming to GLR…

I agree with Don, wish i could see you in GLR. I guess championships will have to do. What drives the elevator?

I’d love to see the ramps

simply amazing… Seems like you guys will be nearly immune to defense.

Are the ramps not on the practice bot just because you don’t need to practice them? or are they not on the competition bot yet either.

One thing is for sure though… 254, 330 and 968 will make LA a very high scoring regional. And that’s just the teams we know about, I’m sure there’s a few more in there as well.

Those wheels, lol-- They look so small.

Very simple design, looks effective… good luck.