pic: Team 254 Electronics Boards

Here's our 2006 practice and competition electronics boards. Can you tell which is which?

The right one is for the competition robot?

Do I win a prize?

Cartman’s pointing to the one on the left, and since I must respect his authoritah, I say the left one is the competition board.

oo that is gorgeous

I’m going to guess that the one on the right is your competition robot and the other is the practice one. Just a hunch…

I was waiting for a pic exactly like this to show my team how it’s done. That is sexy.

looks good. can’t wait to see it finished.

Its the right for the competition platform, the black wires coming out of the breaker panel are zip tied. The practise board on the left doesn’t have zip tied wires. Not to mention there are just more zip ties on the right board, and there are more circuit breakers on the right too.

Looks awesome

its kinda sloppy but i like it… :wink:

How long did it take to do, start to finish?

the one on the right is for compotion the one on the left is for practice its SO obvious

Well, we spent at least 3-4 hours arguing about wire paths and component placement, plus probably another 4-6 hours or so doing the actual wiring.

Out of curiosity, are those victor 884’s all as new as they look? If so that’s one expensive board…

Either way, I wish mine would end up looking like that… But for space constraints, I don’t think that’ll be possible this year.

Nice job on it though. Neatness to that extent is good.

Tip for next year: it would look even cooler with soldered connectors with colored heatshrink over the crimp.

right must be competetion, the victor wires are all going the same way…

our electronics turned out pretty nice this year, but nothing that organized
(then again, we decided to shun the IFI breaker panel in favor of a smaller panel)

Does the organization end there, or is it that nice all the way to the motors?