pic: Team 254: manipulator detail


Ok, so they used two rams to launch the ball. Are those rams spring return rams. Also what do the silver cylinders in the middle do? Hats off to you guys, its really compact. By the way, what motors did you use for the actual lift and how did you set it up? Thanks

The pistons that launch the balls are allowed to fall by gravity-we only hooked the solenoids up to one side to save air.

The two pistons in the center tilt the launcher-it doesn’t launch well at all without being tilted, and doesn’t pick up the ball when tilted, hence the need to have 2 positions.

Thanks really creative way to save air.

If I had to choose which robot was my favorite, this and RAWC would definitely be very high on my list. I had the opportunity to see this machine up close and it is just a beautifully designed machine. Nothing is out of place or pointless. I love the engineering these two teams put on. Plus, how can you resist the chrome wheels!?

Great design guys. Can’t wait for next year.

P.S.- I nearly forgot the amazingly fast lift you guys have. It was finally explained at Championship. Very simple and efficient idea.

did u guys wrap the cylinders in e-tape?

Black spray paint.

I forgot to ask, what type of motors did you use for the lift and what object did you wrap your string around. Also what type of string is that and where did you get it, we have used fishing line in the past.

It’s a nice touch.