pic: Team 254 Teaser #3

Here’s our teaser. We don’t know what simulation mode is, but our robot is right there behind us.

Nice shirts.

What happened?!?!? That’s the wrong shade of blue.

Seeing your robot with those wheels is, somehow, wrong.

Is it just me, or does it look like 254 made a dumper bot? And a wide bot, never thought I would see the day the Poofs made one of those… This is going to be an interesting year…

aww…no poof pants :stuck_out_tongue:

How scared should I be, exactly?

very, very scared…

who cares about the teaser? LOOK AT THAT FIELD!! :yikes:

I guess it’s time we put up team 179 teaser #4

Oh my, Oh my my my.:eek:

Well, the Poof frame looks nice, and does appear to be a dumper…but not certain.

It looks like you guys are gonna be able to hold a TON of balls…nice

i like the field

is there any reason behind the hanging of the robot lol??

I’m going to say that it might be a shooter. You can’t see anything behind the shirt (or the student), but somehow, I think that’s intentional.

I finally figured out what “simulation mode” means - it means your bot is currently simulating frame members that satisfy R08-M. Nyuk nyuk. :rolleyes:

It also seems that Ron Weasley in the ThunderChickens shirt is doing a spot-on impersonation of “the usual” Paul Copioli facial expression.

Hey Cory,
Can you update the pic without the blue shirt?


At first glance, I thought I saw a tall shooter robot right above the person with the ThunderChicken’s shirt on.

Something just seems wrong in that pic, just wrong. I can’t put my finder on it. Nice Job Poofs, see ya at nationals.

What, you mean the field that isn’t covered in Regolith?

Better be some regolith come next Saturday…

Hey Cory,
I lost count, how many sides does that piece you’re holding have?


I miss your custom wheels… Make Hub Caps!!