pic: Team 254 Teaser

We know its kinda Cheesy since its so late in the build. But we think our plate work Rocks

Stay tuned for part 2, and the full robot…

Why did you do a little counterbore where the standoffs go? What effect does that have?

If I recall how they have done it in the past correctly, the standoffs are a hollow 1/16" wall .750 OD tubing. As such, the counter bore provides a method of centering the standoff around the through bolt.

I don’t know, just a guess… The plates do rock though, nice work!

Nice Plate Work

Cant Wait to see the whole robot

That makes sense, but I would have just taken round bar and drilled through.

Yeah, last year we copied the way they have been doing it. I assume they are doing the same thing this year :confused:

Using a much wider tube for a standoff decreases the likelyhood that the two plates will parrallelogram while being no heavier than a smaller solid standoff.

cool plates, I like them. :slight_smile:

That also saves you the time you’d otherwise have to spend on drilling through the solid standoffs. It’s a small thing, I know. But it adds up. Clever. =)

What material are you using for the side plates? I got to pick one up in Atlanta in 2004 and it felt a little lighter than aluminum.

It’s just standard 6061 T6

i think its representing the 3 bots… 60, 254, + 22??? showing as it looks like there is 3 sets of parts there but i could be completely wrong /shrug…

still pretty =D

Nice job on the plates Cory.


i can’t wait to see the completed bot.