pic: Team 2549's BOM

I came across this while inspecting. This just goes to show that good robots don’t have to be expensive robots. This is the Bill of Materials that was submitted by Team 2549, their total cost was $46.94. They went on to win the Wisconsin Regional. Congrats guys, see you in Altanta.

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Props for the low cost robot! But I’m curious whether or not “scrap” is an allowed vendor? Can our team buy stuff from them too? for the same low price?

Anything you get free still has to be accounted for in the cost no matter what you actually pay.

Good effort none-the-less.

Looks to me like some general stuff is missing…such as wires! Only 6AWG comes in the kit, the rest you need to purchase and list on the BOM. Unless the team used 6AWG for everything :yikes: (that would be interesting).

I believe listing “scrap” as the vendor and not listing a cost to purchase it elsewhere is also not legal.

Do Inspectors at the regionals actually look through team’s BOM? We spend a lot of time on ours so I hope they do.

There was a bit more to the BOM but it didn’t fit in a screen shot. I just wanted to post this as an example of how inexpensive robots can be.

Well, as the great Ricky Q once said, “Good drivers make good robots” or some jiberish like that…

We picked 2549 because their drivers were top notch. It wasn’t the fastest lap runner, it wasn’t the most agile either, but it put up numbers because of its stellar drivers. They should be proud of their robot. I will for sure be stopping in their pit come time for Atlanta.

cant wait to see you in atlanta…sorta threw a wrench in my plans…i had a concert i was going to go to… but i’d much rather go to atlanta and see some amazing bots this’ll be great oh anyone going to minnesota regionals?

I will be lead inspector in MN. And I agree that scrap is not a valid entry. However, they used such a small amount, even pricing it at $200 a piece wouldn’t have affected the outcome at the bottom line.

Al is absolutely correct that scrap isn’t a legal vendor because all teams do not have access to that material from “scrap”.

That being said though, all they needed to do was to get a quote from McMaster for the smallest size piece that would suffince and add that cost to the BoM.

BTW, Kudos for building an inexpensive robot … a lot of teams (including my own :yikes: ) could learn form your example.