pic: Team 254's Part Tracking System

We’ve had problems in past seasons with losing track of which parts are ready to manufacture, assemble, send out for powder coating, etc. To help fix this problem, we wrote this web-based system during the offseason which assigns part numbers for CAD, stores part metadata, and tracks parts through the manufacturing process.

The dashboard pictured here is permanently displayed on a screen down in the machining area of our workshop.

Can we see the CAD models? :slight_smile:

Love it. We could really use this. Any plans to open source it? Also, I find interesting the reference to the front roller BBD. I spy a repeat of the very amazing 2010 BBD.

That’s really awesome! Bootstrap it looks like? :slight_smile:

What do the colors designate?

The same functionality can be utilized through Google Drive/Docs. 973 utilizes the same idea through spreadsheets by categorizing parts, where they are in the manufacturing process, and also who is working on them at that specific time.

Yeah, we’re probably going to open source it once the season is over. Future plans also include trying to make it talk to SolidWorks PDM so that there’s less duplicated data.

Yup, Bootstrap. I’m useless at UX design but our student leader who’s in charge of the website was able to make it pretty in just a couple of days.

Priority. Orange is high, green normal, grey low. Right now the orange parts that are ready/manufacturing are all bumper-related, for instance.

254 always seems to find a use for BBD. It’s one of those little details that turn a good robot into a winning robot. And it can be quite fun to use, provided you know how to install it correctly.