pic: Team 256 drivetrain

Our drivetrain for Ultimate Ascent. Yes, it’s made of steel. VersaWheels geared for about 8.5 fps (may speed that up later). About 17 lbs.

Let’s hear it for steel! Ours worked fine last year. This year we were lazy and bought the vexpro chassis kit, which is a nice frame.

Love the steel!* Is it 1/16" wall?

What is your exterior perimeter? On the totally unscientific looking at pictures on the internet it looks like you guys are cutting it pretty close!

*Seriously, more teams should explore new materials. Diversity of construction is awesome.

What are the dimensions?

Looks like a nice and simple chassis. What are the dimensions of it? To be honest, at first glance it appears to be on the large size (>112").


Using calipers on my screen and judging 4" off the Versawheel it looks pretty close to 28x38! :eek: :frowning:

Not one to be rude, but you may want to double check those calipers! :stuck_out_tongue:

The frame is 31.5" long by 23.5" wide for a total perimeter of 110".

All of our steel is 1/16" wall. We find it’s really strong and relatively light for what it has to offer. The frame is 3/4" diameter square tubing, but our shooter and other mechanisms will be 1/2" diameter square tubing, which has shown it’s strength to us even with it’s small size.

Thanks everyone for taking interest in our frame! We’re very proud of it. We believe it’s the best one we’ve made so far.

Suppose it’s hard to tell with the perspective. Glad it’s legal!

I think what makes it hard to tell is the 3/4" tubing size. It looks like a 38x28 robot with 5" colsons and 1" square tubing. It’s all scaled down!

Looks great though, definitely a solid drivetrain

Team 256 is a perfect example of a team that takes advantage of their resources and uses them well. Steel may not be the lightest drivetrain, but they get comparable results tailor made to their specifications (and 17 lbs. is fairly respectable). They have access to steel welding, so why not take advantage of it, kudos.


Thanks for the kind words, Greggy.

This is one of the greatest posts on CD ever. Oh, how far you’ve come Andrew.


I had a question on posting new threads? For some reason I can not remeber how to post a new thread. My other question is that I am creating a robotic chair and was wonder if AndyMark performance wheels has a greater weight capacity than 300lbs?

Greatest Thread EVER.


Why did you decide to use a steel frame?


We found steel to be stronger than aluminum, and lighter, in our applications. Due to its strength, we are able to use thinner and smaller pieces compared to aluminum, which allows us to make compact mechanisms if need be. Also, since steel is easier to weld than aluminum, we can make our own assemblies in-house for prototyping (our more serious parts are sent to our sponsor to be welded).

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Is the 17lbs including everything pictured? How much does just the frame weigh? (no wheels, gearboxes, etc)


The frame by itself is 17 lbs. Everything in the picture adds up to be a little under 33 lbs.