pic: Team 256 presents: Clyde

Team 256’s robot for Aerial Assist: Clyde.

-4 CIM, 2 Mini CIM 6wd WCD with 4 colson and 2 omni wheels geared for 14 ft/s with no drop or rock.
-Lightning fast roller intake that grips onto the game piece from any angle and speeds it into the robot at a velocity of 177.5 inches/sec.
-Ball “cage” passively contains the ball until a launch or pass under heavy maneuvering and is open to catch the ball.
-“The Track” is two pieces of 2x1 tubing shaped like a Y angled at 30 degrees above the floor that guide the ball up a slope to get it into a firing position high enough to clear its shots.
-“The Paddle” is a rotating appendage powered by 2 CIM motors and 2 Mini CIM motors that transfers its kinetic energy to the ball by striking it from underneath at a key angle to perfectly make layup shots into the 10 pt goal and light tosses over the truss to alliance partners.

Clyde will be competing at the Central Valley Regional in week 2, and the Silicon Valley Regional in week 6.