pic: Team 256 Teaser

A small teaser of what 256 will be bringing to SVR and CVR this year. No, it’s not a video, and that play button is supposed to be there.

There WILL be changes. In fact, I’ll be making a lot of changes in about 8 hours or so.

Alright. Who else tried clicking the play button a million times?

Where is this?
That giant periodic table that you’re practicing on is pretty cool to see. Is it at a college or high school.

I did that. May have also thought that my phone was just going wrong.

It’s at our High School, actually. It’s not a very big school, so we take pride in our humongous periodic table. :slight_smile:

I wonder what it could be… :wink:

If only we had that much done… :ahh:

Why don’t you give out a teaser? Maybe show a zoomed in picture of your CAD model? Zoom in one 2 bolts, and make everyone guess what it is! :stuck_out_tongue: