pic: Team 2587 - DiscoBots Shooting

Its week 5, we have most of the robot mounted and painted ! We are testing ball shooting, collection and driving. Check out the gallery for more pictures. http://2009.discobots.org/node/34

Good luck Andrew!

This will sure increase the competitiveness of the Lone Star Regional :slight_smile:

Thanks Aldo !

Speaking of Lone Star Regional, 1429, 441 and 2587 have setup a practice scrimmage at Reagan HS on Feb. 14th and Feb 15th.

If your team is considering coming to Houston Scrimmage, please RSVP.

I have not seen very many Houston teams sign-up, so please sign up soon so we can plan for food and space resources.

Do you have any video of the shooter in action? It looks like it can toss an Orbit Ball pretty far!

Here’s a video of the robot in action


nice, but seems like it only works up close and even then 1 ball got stuck =P
so u must hav a pretty good driver eh? lol

well i guess what xoid means/needs to see is a video of some long range shooting…

I think id like to see that…

We are running in low speed shooting mode. Our max range is 8-10 feet but we don’t expect to shoot that far in a match unless its a last second desperation shot.