pic: Team 25's drive team at BE7


This year at BE7 we decided to bypass the IFI control system AND the new NI system and use direct mind control for driving the robots. We all know Bharat’s brain has extensive psi capabilities. Mr. Goldman is there for directional thought stabilization. Shaun is whispering subliminal driving directions into Bharat’s cerebral cortex which is hyperstimulated.
For more on our mind robot control program look back to the January IR visualization helmet picture posted here on CD featuring head psi expert Neil, now doing projects for NASA.

Robotics- its all in your mind

WC :mad:

LoL. grats on the win guys. =)

That’s amazing. Can you teach me your skills? Ive been practicing my Psi skills! Tell me, are you thinking about a goat right now?

are you KID-ding- of course I am thinking of a goat- a bicolored, scimitar horned Capra hircus

Look at Alexa’s avatar to see one of our early psi enhancement devices…

We had an awesome drive team :slight_smile: Heck Bharats drive team got Red Carded for agreatious behavior on the playing field with an invisible robot & Having too many players behind the driver station during the match :slight_smile:

Thankfully the other refs weren’t paying attention and penalize anyone cause we kinda chose the wrong time to do it :slight_smile: