pic: Team 2607 - 2016 Robot

Team 2607, The Fighting Robovikings, present their robot for the 2016 Game: “Revelation”

Reveal Video

Key Features:
Linear Punch Shooter
- High Resistance to Ball Condition
- Extremely Consistant Shot
- Low or High Goal
Designed for and Capable of Outer Works Shooting
Motion-Profiled Arm Control
Low Bar Capable
Vision-Assisted Aiming
Multiple and Easily Modifiable Autonomous Modes

Total Weight: 95 lbs
6 Wheels 8" Andymark Pneumatic Tires (WCD)
WCP 3CIM DS Gearboxes (15 fps and 6 fps) with PTO

Look for us at the Mid-Atlantic District Hatboro-Horsham and Westtown events!

Solid robot with high release point.

What type of linear punch mechanism ? pnuematic , motor ?

The puncher operates through two carriages that ride on linear bearings. The back one (retract carriage) is driven by a leadscrew across the length of the puncher. The front one (puncher carriage) has a bolt for the retract carriage to grab on its back, a puncher rod on its front, and surgical tubing for stored energy on its front as well.

The whole sequence involves running the retract carriage forward, pneumatically grabbing the puncher carriage, and then pulling it back, stretching the surgical tubing. The retract carriage then pneumatically releases the puncher when we want to fire.

The first scene in the reveal video is from the underside of the arm and showcases the whole mechanism. I dont actually have a number for the force at max stretch, but I would estimate it is about 100lbs (using 8 surgical tubes). Using that many, we stretch the bands to about 240% original length, which should let them last much longer than exceeding 300%.

Another solid robot from 2607. Looking forward to seeing it this weekend!