pic: Team #269 Teaser #.05

Tease tease!

So tell me, why is a mentor doing this simple job? Looks like deburring, but where are the students?

Look at him he’s so happy. :smiley: Its actually pretty fun to debur with giant drill bits. Infact I have probably used them far too often. I’m a bad influence on freshmen.

As for the rest of the picture, that looks to be part of some sort of ball collection mechanism but obviously I can’t figure out any details yet.

Looks like a big kid, to me :smiley:

Looks like a big kid, to me :D[/quote]

Isn’t that the same thing? :wink:

Err, the clock is behind one of the airplanes hanging in the backround, but if you could see it, it was about 10:20 or 10:30 p.m. Most of the kids had gone home, and the few that were still there were cleaning up the shop or the rest of the room…

Or watching and learning from Mike as he expertly wielded the drill bit :wink:

He is actually drilling a hole, teaching us “the best way to do it.” We changed his mind later.