pic: Team 269 Teaser 1.0

Our drive system is perfect (though hidden)

Our shooter is accurate 100% of the time (and came preassembled…outside of a briefcase)

Our robot is within both height and weight restrictions (no lie)

CooneyTech. Done.

You forgot to blur out the number of Victors on your control board, as well as the general shape of your drivebase.

Looks like someone’s going with Holonomic… :smiley:

how much does it weigh?

Does your robot say “Ouch” when it gets hit, or does it scream some sort of explitive? :smiley:

…how exactly can you “tell” that they are going holonomic??

Your robot is over weight, and someone let the propane loose. :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks more like holographic to me…

Just wondering… how’d you interface the freshmen to the RC?.. our team had a very similar idea, we plugged a freshmen via the TTL port on the RC but it didn’t work! i am curious as to how you did it.

so I see you’re not using the CMUCam that FIRST supplied ya with.

That battery doesn’t look too secure with just one strap.

FYI, no freshmen were harmed in the making of this robot.

This is our practice/spare part robot, we try and keep all mechanisms close to the same on this bot and build the 2 together during the season. We do take some shortcuts (ie electrical tidiness) and the real bot is always a little behind the practice bot.

More teasers to come…

No, we are most definitely underweight. The bot is pretty light right now, and Ben weighs all of 90-some pounds

I hope it doesn’t get shipped up-side down.

Wasn’t there something about no energy sources other than the batteries in the kit? And how fast is that shooter?

Who says the freshman isn’t hooked up to the battery?