pic: Team 26's Robot - F4 CADathon

With the F4 CADathon over, we decided to release the team 26 robot (Chak, Cothron and myself). The game can be found in this thread: F4 - 3rd Bi-Annual CADathon - General Forum - Chief Delphi. The CAD can be found here: A Fond Farewell to GrabCAD Workbench - GrabCAD Blog. Sorry for the unorganized CAD, that’s what happens when you have 3 days to CAD with completely new people. Anyways, huge thanks for the F4 team, FIRST Updates Now and the judges who took time to organize this competition. Congrats to all the participants and the top 3 robots!

Look Great!

Whats your ratio for the manipulator gearboxes which pivots the supports of the collector?

Hey chak. Those cims look pretty shiny.


Well we actually had custom gearboxes for the arm that unfortunately did not make it. The 500:1 ratio that Cothron metioned are for the custom gearboxes.

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Cothron spent a lot of time on one of the gearboxes and it worked out, we just had difficulty getting the gearbox on GrabCAD on time for us to render.

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Yeah, I’m still kicking myself over that. I really need to get better at GrabCAD. But hey, I’m still very pleased with how we did.

I really like this design. With some tweaking and tuning to keep the center of gravity low, this thing would do the majority of important tasks in that game in a fairly simple way.
Nice job.

Pardon my lack of knowledge, but can someone please inform me as to where I can find a description of the ‘game’ this CADathon is based around? I am interested to see it.


That’s the official thread for the CADathon. Somewhere around the third page, there should be a post with the link to the game manual. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Thank you!