pic: Team 2775 Frames

Rookie team 2775 is rolling along.

“Rookie” in number only. Something tells me that a team with this much FIRST/mentoring experience will do quite well for its first year. Good luck to Team DeWalt!

Any particular reason why the pillow blocks are mounted below the frame as opposed to above? Or are they both upside down :stuck_out_tongue:

how do you plan to brace the front of your frame? I dont think the alluminum sheet you have in the back will do the job. does your scoring structure brace it? because it does not appear that your bumper status is leagle.

Why not? Assuming the front side of the two “modules” is 6" across this robot could easily be outfitted with legal bumpers. Judging by who is posting the picture I would put down a fair amount of money that those modules measure 6"+

after looking at it again I think you are right.

The front modules are exactly 6 inches. and there is a front brace for strength, it is part of our manipulator which will be bolted to the frame.

Are you trying to say we’re not rookies?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Every year, there are 1 or 2 rookies that I call “powerhouse rookies”. These teams compete with the veteran teams at their own level very quickly and stay up there. 1902, 2056, and 1717 fit this category in my recent memory. This year, 2775 looks like they’ll join 2753 in this category so far. (Why 2753? Very good FTC team, they’ve won an award for non-robot stuff, very good mentors.)

Eric’s got a point.

Btw Greg, could you please post up a picture using the same exact post and with DeWalt products all around when the robots are finished? It would look really cool and would serve as a good sponsorship tool.

Great idea! we have a nice marketing setup spot that would do for a background.

I’m trying to say that, as a rookie, you’ve got some awesome experience that the students (and robot) will obviously benefit from :wink:

the bearing blocks underneath give us the frame height we were looking for. although at this point in the build season they technically could drive either way.

Looking good! I have to post a picture of ours sometime later (maybe once I get all the wheels on it again :D).

is that like a reflection or something, if not, you must’ve spent hours on this angle shot