pic: Team 2791 Chassis

Will you be crossing the bump or using the bridge?

Nice model Jack!

At the rate 2791 is improving their drivetrains they’re going to be among the best in FRC very soon. They’ve maximized the width of the drivetrain for better turning, found a beautiful solution to powering by running belt through the extrusion, that chassis is light and reasonably simple to fabricate (and it looks great in blue).

Nice job guys, keep up the good work!

We will only be crossing the bridge.

As soon as this gets back from powder coat, I’ll throw a picture of the whole thing up.

Beautiful chassis! Do you have an estimated weight?

The bare chassis should weigh just under 15lbs including bumper mounts. Adding wheels, motors, gearboxes, and axles, we should weigh in just under 40lbs.

CAD spits out about 100lbs for the whole robot not including air reservoirs and pistons, so we might be able to squeeze an underweight robot out with no cheese holes.

What kind of wheels are you guys going with? We are going with what sounds like a pretty similiar chassis and we choose 6"-OD, 2"-wide IFI wheels.

6"x1.5" Colsons with custom live axle hubs powered by 15mm gt2 internal belts.