pic: Team 2826 Robot

Team 2826 Wave Robotics out of Oshkosh WI and our robot Land Shark.
Pic was taken right before ship with out the side panels on.
Features: 3 Wheel independent steering crab drive with omni wheel sensor pods on the back side so we don’t tip (less than 5% friction), autonomous modes for each position.
Hopper Can Hold 20 Moon Rocks. Unloads in 2 Seconds. Separate Area for Empty Cells (yellow tubing) that is the exact height of the outpost hole for easy delivery. See you all at Wisconsin and 10000 Lakes!

(Figured out how to add a description lol)

Hey looks great. You guys are rookies this year? You should do really well!

I can almost guarantee this robot will do very well. Hopefully you’ve built this proven system well enough to perform like the proven robots from week 1. Best of luck and awesome job as rookies and for any team for that matter!

Feel another 2753 type Win:ahh:

Where did you find those couplers for your square tube? Are those Home Brewed?? :yikes:
(Sorry, just had to throw in a WI. joke)

Good looking bot 2826! Impressive swerve drive! Your team should do well!

I’m not 100% sure and ask 2826 to confirm, but they look like 80/20 quickframe connectors.

How are you going to actually hold the ECs? If they just sit in the yellow tubes, I’m afraid they will fall out before you have a chance to get them to the HP.

Looks to me like the PVC arms on each side are servo powered gates for the EC holder. The EC is placed in from the side with the arm down. When the robot reaches the airlock, the arm is raised and the EC rolls out the front.

didn’t read your post right…

if you are planning on receiving the EC from the side i suggest not doing it that way, it gets you right up against the wall and that will make you SO easy to pin…

Thanks for the compliments, it was quite a hill to climb and it involved a couple late nighters. Yes those are 80/20 quickframe connectors.

You got it!

Like I said as well, our side paneling is not on so thats why it might seem like the EC would fall out.