pic: Team 2826's Drive Base

Our drive coming together, we have an intake/outtake mechanism waiting to be put on in a couple days.

Your frame as it stands now is illegal according to the bumper rules. In these rules, the ROBOT PERIMETER is defined by a string around your robot. Hence the inward facing segments would not be located on the bumper perimeter. And since all BUMPERS must be attached to a solid frame member located on the ROBOT PERIMETER, and since all corner vertexes on the ROBOT PERIMETER must also have at least six inches of bumper on either side, this is illegal.

This situation is solvable though by making the two inner facing chassis rails perpendicular to the other frame rails.

I think they go UP not IN?(i cant tell)
seeing as how the second support is shorter…

Thank you for posting this, our team has now modified our frame.

Wow, you could do it that fast? And without arguing bumper rules for 3 pages on CD? :rolleyes:

I presume you fixed the front end by moving the vertical 8020 post out to meet the longest front horizontal crossmember, near where the double delrin chain guides are.

I have another question. In the back where the kid in the Adidas is standing, is that corner cut out, making the rear asymetrical? That also is a bumper problem - concave sections of the frame are not on the BUMPER PERIMETER, so BUMPERS cannot be attached there. That would leave two corners with bumpers only on one side.

If anything, there’s still a lower chassis rail in that corner, so it’s legal.

Ah yes. I missed seeing that part before.

No it is not, his shirt is just hiding the back end. I find it easier to just read the pages than to always argue.

umm is that robot even legit?

According to the robot wheel rule were it states the wheels must be parallel to the frame at all times and perpendicular to the ground at all times…?

Please quote the rule where you believe it states this. <R06> states:

" … The ROVER WHEELS must be used in a “normal” orientation (i.e. with the tread of the wheel in contact with the ground, with the axis of rotation parallel to the ground and penetrating the wheel hub). …"

Nothing about being parallel to the frame, only the axis parallel to the ground.

Wow! That looks pretty sweet for a rookie team! I wish I was still at Fondy Fire so I could come up there and check ya guys out! I wish you the best of luck! Also, I heard you guys are pretty top notch at Charger Invitation…! :open_mouth: Looking great.