pic: Team 293 Presents Spike X

This is Team 293’s 11th competition robot, I don’t have all the details since I am at college, but here is what I know. Two wheel drive, with one ramp for 15 point scoring, and arm for scoring. Once I get more details I will let you know.

What did you make you’re ramps out of?

It looks pretty sweet. :slight_smile:

casters? did you struggle with weight? do you find it hard to line up with a tube with the free rotating wheels in the front?

Team 103 used a similar wheel set up last year: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/23415 .

Some quick questions:
Are you going to add bumpers onto the sides?

How does the ramp deploy?

If you tested/practiced, approximately how many ringers can you score in 2 minutes?

Catch you in action at the NJ Regional!

Unfortunately I am at college, so I have not seen the robot in person, and I don’t have the info to answer all of your questions.
The ramps are made out of Carbon Fiber Composite, from what I know I think they are spring loaded.

The robot weighed in at 117 pounds.

I am fairly sure there will be bumpers, there are just not any in the photo.

I don’t have scoring info, I will try to find out more.