pic: Team 293 Teaser

What on earth could this be used for?

Lemme guess,

the thing on the left, is a wheel hub or a reducer for your drive…

and i can only guess the thing in the background is some sort of sign sarcasm

that hub looks great guys

Not a wheel hub or reducer, it goes somewhere else. The background is used for show, its made of Kevlar, we may use it as a shell for the robot.
That hub has a special purpose;)

Those are encoders. :slight_smile:

That looks a lot like a set of wheel encoders we had last year. But maybe I’m wrong?

Maybe it is a counterweight. But really, it looks like an encoder or a wheel hub. I guess it could be a support to hold an arm to an axle/drive-shaft.

My guess is that’s a sprocket hub for an azusa aluminum sprocket. The bolt pattern looks about right and the compressing ring in that hub looks like an azusa part. So I see some large sprockets in your future…possibly for an arm.

Nice machining job!

The great thing about this and many other parts of our robot is that this machining was done entirely by our students. We pride ourselves in having students build and machine 90% of our robot. Of course it helps to have some really nice lathes and milling machines donated to aid in teaching new students how to machine quality parts.(Thanks BMS and Mobil)

Looks as if it could be used for a disc brake. possibly