pic: Team 293 Testing Full Robot

After a bit of tweaking the robot is fully operational, it needs a little wire organization and some side panels(more pictures to come) Here is how it breaks down. 6 wheel drive 9-12 FPS, the arm is run with a van door motor and uses a 24in stroke cylinder to extend, the arm can extend 7 feet giving us a peak height of around 12 feet with the hook attached. We do have a pretty cool feature, the arm can completely flip from one side of the robot to the other allowing us to cap either in forwards or reverse:)

Looks great! How is stability and turning? Any videos?

Looks pretty amazing. How heavy is it?

Stability is excellent considering how far the arm is out, it can turn very quickly even when the arm is fully extended. We can basically rotate around our center because of the way we have organized our wheels.
Right now our weight is 111 pounds, all we need to add is armor so we are pretty happy:)

How long does it take you to extend the arm with the 24" cylinder? Doesn’t it take awhile to recharge to go up again? Looks sturdy though.

The arm extension is very fast, we used a two tank pneumatic system so we get two extenions and retractions out of the tanks when they are full, since the compressor is always on we have had no problems with low air pressure when we have to deploy the arm.