pic: Team 294 Award "Steam Engine" presented by Team 60

Gracious Professionalism Award

This is pretty neat could you tell us more about it, does it work? How? Whats the story behind it?..

It appears like it does function and not just a static model. Looking at the photo I’d say it works on compressed air and actually has nothing to do with steam. I don’t see any boiler for the steam but rather a 1/4" air fitting (red coupling in photo) with holes drilled in the plastic allowing a path for the air. I’m guessing that it has an air motor (same idea as air tools) that is attached to the fly wheel. I’ll also guess the screw with the spring behind it adjusts the air pressure in turn adjusting the speed of the flywheel.

steam = pressure
compressed air = pressure

steam = compressed air

ive run model steam engines off of air a lot

and it does look as if it may work. just not very effircntly maybe

Team 60 gave us their “Hang 10” Award at the Arizona Regional for our hanging skills. It’s the same type of award, and yes, it does indeed work! The first thing we did when we got back to our lab was test it out! The wheel spins when the system is hooked up…pretty cool working award…great job team 60!

Love the award! Our team was playing with it in the pits and since. It’s posted on our awards page. Thank you!

This is a great award…

Are you all going to the Championships? Can we see one of these there?

Is there any way you can email me a PDF of the brochure for your engine so I can read more about it and how it works?

email: bigqueue_qlewis@yahoo.com


We’re going to championships (qualify from last year), I’ll try and take it with us. I’ll try and scan brochure later today.

This morn our team is…
“Dean will be interviewed by Hockenberry of NBC at a Design Conference, Pasadena Art Center, 950 South Raymond Avenue - on Saturday March 20th. For the final 10 minutes or more of Dean’s interview , Dean would like a couple of FIRSTs team to join him stage. Hockenberry will ask you questions as well as Dean about FIRST, the team and the program. (You will want to have the robots running.)”

It’s part of this event

Dateline reporter doing the interview