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Just one word “AMAZING”

This year we can keep the joysticks and the controllers rite…so we might make a case too, but that is just simply amazing and inspiring…great work, props to all of your team members.

left herder, right herder, sensors, hook release, winch, speed, turret control, arm control, direction, position, shoulder, elbow, hand…

all i can say is wow… that board is mind-boggling, how do your operators do everything as fast as it needs to be done??

also, that board seems to be made for quite a formidable bot, seems like you guys can do everything this year

That is one of the reasons why we are going to Phoenix, practice for the driver, co-driver, human player, autonomous work, etc. It isn’t as hard as it looks, Bree can handle it. GO BREE!! :smiley:

I think they stole our design… And our idea to go to Phoenix :wink:



We’re gonna try anyways. We still have a long ways to go (we weren’t driving as of Tuesday). We do have most of it in inventor, though.

That is definitly amazing, I’m still in awe! With all those switches and functions on your robot you must have a really good programmer(s) on your team. What did you use for the custom labels? Do you have a label maker or is it paper or vinyl glued to the board? We’ve used the old standby in the past, the Sharpie. Although effective it lacks the appeal.

We have an excellent student programmer who’s been on the team since his freshman year, and this is his senior year. He’s working constantly. Our school is the only school in the nation with a student run ISP, and he was a network manager there in his junior year.

I don’t know what was used for the labels. I’ll have to ask a couple of people who aren’t here right now, and I’ll let you know.

We have a couple of nifty label makers. :slight_smile:

Wow…that is sick. Someone on your team needs to try out as a space shuttle pilot spot if they can keep track of that much stuff.

Where you hiding them?!?

Bill has one and we have one.

From Bill:

For people on Chief Delphi wondering about how the control panel labels are

Print out the labels from a computer on plain paper. I use PowerPoint.
Cover the top surface with clear packing tape for protection.
Cover the bottom surface with double-sided carpet tape.
Cut the labels out with scissors, peel off the carpet tape backing and stick
them down.


Very creative, cheap, simplistic, and professional looking. Good idea with common materials and not having to go buy a label maker and the paper or vinyl for it. Just imagine the designs and possibilities with different fonts and colored paper. Looks like I’m going to retire the Sharpie. :smiley:

Alright, alright, old post, I know…

I was looking at the tippity-top of the picture and saw that little bank of four switches with what I think says “Competition” on it. How does that work with the arena controller and such?

(By the way, beautiful board.)

I noticed that too. I thought it was probably a competition port controller, like for doing testing (set robot in disabled or autonomous). Except I’m not sure why they would use hard-to-switch dip switches.

its our dongle for using it outside competitions

I’ve got to say that I love this control board. Not only is it smooth and stylish, but it’s very functional.