pic: Team 294 Drivetrain Module

Here is one of our module for our base this year. All parts are symmetrical for ease of manufacture and replacement.

It was developed in conjunction with team 687 and worked very well at the LA regional, although our arm suffered catastrophic bane bots failure, the base allowed us to play some of the best defense of the regional.

We are currently redesigning it for next year to have a built in AM shifter that has mounts for up to and including; two small CIMS, the big CIM and a FP in an AM planetary. We are also working on making the wheels easier to swap out as it now takes about 10 minutes to swap out an entire side and we want to cut that down to 1-2.

Do you want a white paper for one that already exists that can do all that?

I’ve been debating sending out all the drawings for our 2007 drive as a white paper but I may not want to based on the way the rules went this year. Pictures of the CAD assembly are here.

Pictures of the completed assembly will be posted soon on our web site, or see it a Hartford.


Looks cool.
it looks like you used a belt instead of chain. interesting.
how much does it weigh?

Peter: I would love to look at your CAD files to get some more opinions, but I wouldn’t want to copy of course. I want to get some freshman involved in this and get as much original stuff as we can. However, I do love to see how other people did things.

dbell: We’re using a single loop of #35 chain, it just looks like belt because it was easier on myself and the computer. We wanted to make the modules as compact as possible; And since they are rather light already, we went with #35 over #25. I don’t have the overall weight off of the top of my head, but they are about 15 lbs each. Two of these with our frame (which weighs 9.8 lbs) weighed in at about 40. The side rails are pocketed out and only weigh 2 pounds each.

I understand. When we went to go to a parallel plate drive system this year I looked at every way I could find that anyone has done it and added a few 177 lessons learned to bring us to this revision. The real things people need to remember are simplicity and seviceability of design. For instance to solve your wheel swap out I made our axles from 3/8" Grade 8 hex cap screws that go through 1 plate and thread into the other. This combined with our tensioner design makes the wheels drop right out when needed.