pic: Team 294 Teaser 2 UPDATE

Okay, so, no major changes, but wow. One of the team parents painted these yesterday and they look great. They could easily be mistaken for powdercoated. Method follows:
“I used Rustoleum paint, sanded the part lightly with a scotchbrite pad, wiped it off, made sure I had on gloves so there were no fingerprints, and then propped the parts up on paper cups and gave them a light spray.”

They look really nice:]

OK, so you’re swapping out your drivetrain every match to match the alliance color? :yikes:

Looks good, however you plan on using these.

Nice job – you are right, it looks like it was powder coated!

They look to be some sort of FP gearbox. Each one has a plate of each color, so no swapping most likely.

My guess, 294 seemed pretty ambitious this year so they are probably launching the ball; These are FP gearboxes for a winch to $@#$@#$@#$@# back the launching mechanism.

First off, great paint job. Looks very good.

Have you guys had any problems with the paint adhering to the metal? (I’m assuming that was aluminum) In the past, whenever we have tried painting aluminum, the paint has come off fairly easily. Any tips (from anyone) on a do it yourself aluminum paint job?