pic: Team 294 Teaser #2

Here is a sneak peak of a part being made right now…

Looks like the A-frame to support the pivot point for a ramp…

Looks to me like the mount/shoulder joint of an arm.

Is the whole assembly one big weldment? Or does the A-Frame remove from the lower frame? Are those front and rear pieces to mount the siderail?

Oh, if we are guessing… this is their version of the 2004/2005 254/60/22 robot frame. The things in the corners are siderail/ramp mounts. Not sure about the second part. :wink:

This looks like the 60/254 arm joint from 2004. I heard 294 and 60 were collaborating this year. Surprise?

Did Daniel tell you that…?

We have communicated and they have been very helpful, but it is nowhere near the level of collaberation between 60/254 (04) and 968/254. It’s more like a steady flow of help and advice.

It sounds like I was given some bad information. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

This is nearly done, we will post some pictures of it tomorrow.