pic: Team 2949 PWNAGE: 2011 Robot

Team 2949 Pwnage: 2011 Robot (Batavia, IL) Robot Overview

-6 Wheel “Midwest” Drive (Won’t fall in the ocean)
-Pivot arm (Pickes up and scores from both ends of robot)
-Scores on all six peg heights (and in autonomous)
-Roller manipulator
-Minibot not shown (under development)

Good luck to all of the teams this season. See you at the Midwest regional!

I laughed at this.

Awesome Robot. Looks like it’ll do well.

I’m glad some one got a laugh out of it :stuck_out_tongue:

does it pick up off the floor

yes, and from both ends :smiley:

To better answer your question:



It can pick up from the floor or the feeder slot from both ends of the robot (front/back). It can also score on all peg heights from both ends of the robot using an extending mechanism on the arm.

If anyone has more questions, feel free to fire away.

any close ups of the extending tower? i’d like to see your method. our team use chain/sprockets for a rack/pinion setup.
thanks and goodluck

  1. The blue plate with the 6 bolts clamps the timing belt section to the extending arm (yellow)
  2. The timing pulley driven by the “CIM” motor drives the yellow arm in and out (up and down) depending upon angle of arm.
  3. The timing belt wraps around an idler pulley at the opposite end of the arm assembly.
  4. An optical encoder (not shown in the drawing) provides height information of the yellow extension arm.
  5. Optical encoder is mounted to the “aqua colored plate” and reads the output shaft of the CIM motor
  6. We currently are using a Banebot 775 motor in place of the CIM




Hope that gives a pretty good explanation. 7 Days till Midwest!!! Then everyone can see it in action :cool:

…I think I have a new favorite team.:yikes:

That’s the most innovative use of 1020 extrusion I’ve ever seen.

Thanks, we made it at the highest quality we possibly could. This meant lots of time on design and build; programming team wasn’t to happy with us :rolleyes:

By the way, in case anyone is wondering, it takes 265 lbs of force hitting the arm directly sideways (the way it shouldn’t bend) to twist the frame or arm.

For some more build pictures, hit up our facebook page:
Our website is of course also somewhere you can go:

Nick, watching the drivetrain test video, it looks like you guys are using a 2-speed gearbox. Did you custom build it, or are you using SuperShifters? If it’s custom, what neat things can you share about the design?

At the time, we were using a 2-speed gearbox, and it was in fact, the supershifter. However, after we shipped the robot, we decided to go to single speed custom boxes because we needed the weight (we wanted a minibot :rolleyes: ). So at competition they will be single speed custom boxes, and the drivetrain is belt driven (gates). The outside wheels we are also changing to omni’s when we get to Midwest on Thursday.

Here is a picture of the new custom gearboxes:


Here is a close up of the drive train: 6 Wheel belt drive with 4 CIM’s with omni-wheel son the corners.


I’ll start posting a CAD drawing every day leading up to the midwest regional :cool:

Here is an overall CAD drawing of our robot. 4 days until Midwest!!!


Here is a CAD drawing of the robot with the arm extended. For these pictures and more, visit our website www.pwnage.foxvalleyrobotics.com or our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/pwnage2949/.

Thanks goes out our fantastic mentors and sponsors at Genesis Automation for all of the help and energy they put in this season.

3 Days until Midwest!!! See you all there :cool: