pic: Team 294's ball catch

One of our members “tests” the force with which a trackball coming from about 30 feet up exerts on an object. No FIRSTers were harmed during this test. Their dignity was.

is there video of this? LOL :yikes:

I didn’t take any video, but I have other pictures…I’ll post links later

Nice Northrop Grumman logo in the background.

Our students started doing momentum experiments (aka dodgeball) with this thing. Those that got hit were on their backs in no time.

This is at a non-official kickoff site–Northrop Grumman Space Technology. I live near there, but was at the official site. (Had this been a few years ago, that building would have read TRW.)

yeah, i’m going to do some testing of my own at uh… well about 9am… so in like 4.5 hours (yay sleep).
it seems like people are really going to have to build doubles of their appendages this year!