pic: Team 296 Control Board

We found a way to improve upon the kit joysticks.


nice board!
I like your joystick handles, most teams seem to be modding the KOP sticks and having good results.
Did the feel of the joystick change when you put the new handles on?
We’re thinking of doing something similar this year.

i like the joysicks.

do those help increase the spring strength of the sticks? i know they are really wobbly as they come in the kit.

Sweet! I wonder if my team would let me do that… probably not since we don’t have enough screwdrivers as it is and we’re using CH Flightsticks anyway.

that has to be the most awesome control board i’ve seen! i really like the crisp, industrial look…we will post a pic of our control system soon after ship, prepared to be amazed.

how much does it weigh?

It weights 14 lbs, and is made primarily of 28mm extrusion and 1/8" Lexan.

The modded joysticks are a lot better than they used to be (we also epoxy’ed the trim tabs into place) but there still seems to be some looseness where the stick attaches to the pots.

The screwdriver modification was really easy to do. We bought the screwdrivers for about $9, blowtorched the steel until it melted the plastic enough to be removable, then bored the handle and stuck it onto the joystick base.

Nice…just curious, did you use lexan or plexi?

Reading does wonders.

Nice, screw drivers

That’s looks ridiculously cool! Props!

What are the dimensions of that board?
How did you bend the Lexan for your OI?

man, that is totally awesome.

If you use a heat gun to heat up Lexan, you can bend it and it will retain the bend when it cools.

careful heating it though, it can bubble and somewhat ruin the integrity of the plastic. Learned that my freshman year. Normally you should be ok, but dont leave the heat on too long with lexan, let alone any plastic. If it does bubble, it should still be ok, just wont look as good.

that control board is incredimazing. good job team 296.

Looks awesome, especially with the 80/20.

Wow, that looks pretty heavy. Last year ( my last year as team member, now a mentor) I was the robot driver, I made the control board out of lexan and that thing weighted a lot, big mistake since I was the one having the carry it all the way to the station and back, especially in Atlanta :frowning: We painted it to resemble a retro NES controller, the two red buttons being the drive joysticks and the D-pad being the manipulator/arm/whateverdeviceusedtohandlegamepieces but we scrapped that one when we simply cut off our the robot arm. Oh yeah the OI was the Start / Select buttons.

I would also worry about the weight. Is that going to be a team lift? This year team 1726 is taking a minimalistic approach to OI design in hopes of being better able to carry it around.

Do you have buttons on those?