pic: Team 296 Teaser

Tri wheel to climb the stairs?

I doubt it is a wheel…and it looks too small to climb the stairs. I want to see what it is for now.

sure it is.

Maybe a wheel at each point on the triangle

and the whole thing can swivel


Exactly what i thought when i saw it


Yup, good guess. This is a picture of what it’s supposed to look like once assembled (right now it’s just the wheels lying between two plates). The small wheels are geared so that when the robot is on level ground it takes less torque to turn them, so they spin. When they are jammed up against a step, it takes less torque to turn the whole assembly, so the thing flips onto the platform.

would you have four of those around the bot, or only two? it seems as if you only had two your bot would be rather prone to flipping as it’d be a very steep angle going up… I gotta admit its a very cool concept

We’re only using two, but our 6" back wheels are going to be raised up a bit, so that we’re a bit more level.

SOB, I guess Project SCORPIONs secret design has been duplicated by another team… Oh well, from the looks of it I say that our teams design is more efficent in weight as well as some other aspects.

Hmmm, it seems to me that these wheels are pretty kewl…

Our team has been machining some modified “TechnoKat” wheels, how many sentences ahve started like that right?..
Well we’re using urethane for the side-to-side motion
It’s amazing, one of the mentors who’s thoughts spawned the design cant stop grinning when he is within 20 feet of the things.

I’m interested in seeing the robots with the exchanging drive trains
Like going from four-wheel drive to a walking robot…

Or just a walking robot…

The colors Duke! The Colors!!!


yall stole our design! :ahh:

It a fairly simple concept design, just more difficult to built. We ponder with having four of these mechanism. If we could use four drill motors… I would like someone to do the same thing using two wheels w/gyros instead of three. Dean would be impressed.
Yay!!! Ibot.

Actually, to be serious, these wheels are a variation on a design we used in 2001 to climb over that step instead of going over the ramp, and we won an award for them. This design has actually been around for a while, and not just on our team, either.