pic: Team 296's Steampunk Drive Station

Team 296’s 2012 driver/operator station. The stained wood cases have many unique features:

the Driver Station features:
-A modded attack joystick to hold a sword handle
-EL wire thta glows blue and red
-A crown at the top that, when spun, will move the robot forward or backward slowly to balance on the bridge.

the Operator Station features:
-A numatron, a seven-segment digital display using filaments
-Self-positioning sliders to control the turret direction and the shooter speed
-An awesome telegraph key to run the conveyor that brings the balls up to the shooter
-A knife-swith that can activate the pickup rollers, engage the shooter rollers, or raise the entire tower of the robot by 2 ft.

I absolutely love this. It’s obvious that a LOT of thought and time went into creating this piece of art.
Thanks for sharing it.
I hope to one day be as cool as this drivers station. :wink:

Pretty cool. I’m still waiting for a steampunk robot… though the weight limits might doom such a thing.

Wow… certainly different than our diamond-plate box, but I like it.

I wanted to do that this year, but weight and time doomed it. For anyone interested in doing this, a can of brass (or yellow chrome) spray paint is a good place to start.

I spotted this driver station at championships! Its great to hear the story behind it.

I was with team 342 and was right next to there pits I awed over the driving stations since we got there. They were a nice team and had I think the best drivers station at nationals. The kill switches and the little light up indicator looked SO AWESOME. Inspiration for next year I suppose.

This is fantastic, easily makes my list of top 3 Driver Station’s I have ever seen. How did everything hold up during the season? Did the rest of the team have a steampunk theme?