pic: Team 2980 Robot

This is a pic of our robot taken a day or two ago. We have modified it a bit, and have a bunch of close up pictures of all of our mechanisms that we will post in the next day or two…

The semitransparent extensions in the front remind me of a mole.

Have you named your bot yet?

we have a pick-up system nearly identical to yours, and during a practice match, another robot hit (not very hard) one of the ‘jaws’, and broke it clean off. afterwards, we installed spring assisted door hinges, so the ‘jaws’ can hinge inwards, and then spring back out to perpendicular. after installing, we found it much easier to pick up a ball near the wall because we didn’t have to be perpendicular to it. it also saves us from having to bring 5 replacement pairs to competition.

Yeah, the name of the robot is Beetle. It was named after one of our design groups.