pic: Team 302's 20+ Foot Spirit Dragon

Team 302 will be showing off the largest or one of the largest spirit items ever constructed in FIRST - our 20+ foot Dragon! Thanks goes out to the moms that made all of the spirit items during the past two months! Tell us what you think about it all. I think these moms are "raising the bar". Good luck to all this season.

OMG, I am jealous. Hope to see it at nationals. Awesome!

They should bring extra green material to Nats and get other teams to join in and add on to the dragon. I can just picture a half mile long dragon snaking it’s way through the stands. :smiley:

An annual, 100-some year old, Cornell University tradition:


BIG dragons… BIG bonfire. :slight_smile:

Note the eyes - They light up with those closet lights that you just push to turn on.

1/2 mile long dragon, eh?

Thanks again go to the moms of 302.