pic: Team 303 Winner of the GM Industrial Design Award


Congratulations to team 303 for winning the GM Industrial design award from your friends over at Team 237. I was so shocked when I heard you did not get picked for an alliance in your division and was happy that you walked away with an award!!

yes 303 Definatly deserved to walk away with something this year, I am glad they won, Congrats 303

Definately one of the best robots not to be picked.

Would you post a picture of your robot?


its been there for a while

yes the award was nice and a bumper not to be :frowning: picked :frowning: but on way to end a good freshman year :cool: . those judge were all around our pit firday and saturday. just not in the pit to one followed us out to a match and another judge showed another judge our robot. i am proud of our team, also to the team captian, and along with our engineers. good job team 303.

now the wonderful off season comps can’t wait for 222 comp. :smiley:

Congrats! I was so happy for you guys. We are going to be seeing you at PARC too!

I was so suprised when someone from your team told me you didnt get picked!

Congracts 303! I am very happy you won this award. You deserve it!:cool: It is unfortunate that you didn’t get picked, but you definately have a great bot.

Yaw had such a solid bot and u definetly deserved to win it. Congradulations :slight_smile: