pic: Team 3038. Almost Done

Just a few more touches and we’ll be done… hopefully…

Looking good! Just don’t forget those numbers! How many totes can you lift without tipping to the front? Maybe you could shift the control system back towards the rear end?
Good luck!

We only weigh 84 lbs! We are planning a lot of weight to the back of the robot to compensate for the weight of the totes. The control system is near the front to help stabilize the lift. As for the team numbers we are still looking into that.

Exactly how does it do that? Wouldn’t you want to put as much weight as is feasible towards the back of the robot to compensate for the tote weight with this design?

The students decided that the electronics weight isn’t that significant. They decided instead of using a long piece of 80/20 extrusion, they would use the electronics board to help support the back of the lift. This is done by having a 90 degree corner bracket attached to the control board and to the back of the lift. The control board would be fixed to the frame with shorter pieces of 80/20 extrusion cut at a 45 degree angle going towards the back of the robot. I’m a picture person below is a crude picture describing it.


Looking real nice! This seems to be the general design floating around from team to team. Loving the LEDs.

Having done some FBD diagrams, at least with our robot design, it’s very possible to have your weight sufficiently rear-shifted that you’re more misbalanced (% of weight on one set of wheels) with no totes than with 6. Now, maybe that’s good since the 6-tote-CG is hopefully higher than your robot-CG, so you’re CG with totes may not be as close to one set of wheels, but is shifted upwards notably too.

Anyway, if they have the battery to put at the back and 30+ pounds, they shouldn’t have any trouble carrying up to 4 totes (assuming they’re not geared to high and don’t spin quickly).

Simplistic, and pretty. Looking good. Lots of weight that you can toss to the back so that should be good.

Oh certainly. Its quite possible to design for even 6 totes with this design, I was simply pointing out that every bit helps.

Thank you for all the great input. We are hoping to get most of it don’t today

Electronics Done! Testing starts Saturday! The LED’s turn red or blue. We use a Single Pole Double Throw switch to change the color depending on what team color we are.

How much friction is there between your elevator carriage and the 80/20 rails? Does the elevator drop by itself under the force of gravity alone? Or does it have to be driven down.

As long as everything is square you there is not friction in the elevator. The elevator using self lubricating pads. It goes down on its own with out the power of a motor.

just make sure it never gets overweight. you’ll be fine.:cool:

Robot in action:

Team 3038