pic: Team 3052 Octowheel Teaser

Custom octopus themed wheels designed (artwork and CAD) by students, based on AM 4" Performance wheels. These were run through an OMAX 55100/30 waterjet at our local High Performance Materials Institute (A huge thanks to HPMI and NHMFL for all the machining opportunities that they have provided us with).
This is the first year that we have had access to such machining capabilities, so we took advantage of the waterjet and CNC mill as much as possible. We are very focused on our students learning how to and doing most of the work, so a group of students went over to the HPMI and learned about waterjetting and helped whenever we could.
(Sorry for the poor photo quality, it was the best picture that I could find)

That’s really cool. We too used a water jet to cut our wheels. Many thanks to Brooks Associates for cutting for us. We have two videos to check out here. :cool: We are really lucky that they did this for us and sent us some videos of it.

I’d check your videos there, that’s a CNC lathe, not a waterjet…