pic: Team 3098 introduces : G-Nasty

Photo credit to Daniel Ernst: This picture was taken at the Waterford District Event.


6 wheel drive - 221 Robotic Systems Rock Box
4 cim, AM Super Shifters

4 Bar linkage uses 2 window motors and 2 gas shocks, arm = weightless
Automated arm positioning for fast racking (4.5 ave. + mini bot @Waterford)

2 window motors direct driving CNCed delrin rollers for tube pick up, manipulation, and release.
Self centering ability for tubes

4 Bar/Slingshot deployment using pneumatics
2.5 second average climb rate

Here’s a link to some highlights from the Waterford Event:

Amazing robot, unfortunate we were never able to work together (at least that I can remember). Congrats on being the #1 pick by 573. Your robot was extremely fast hanging tubes and your minibot scared us a little in the semi finals. We told Average Joes to try to delay you on your way to the pole, we were really worried about yours reaching the top of the post before ours. I think our matches in the semi finals were the most exciting matches I’ve scene this year. See you at states.

Edit: Guess I’ll see you guys at Skyline also

I don’t know… I can’t put my finger on it but I think I have seen that robot before.

Has anyone seen our 2007 robot around… :confused:

Seriously though, I am glad you are having success with this design.

Hopefully we will see you at the State Championship.

You guys had an awesome machine at Waterford. I’ll be honest, you guys were one of the few teams that we were scared to verse. It was a pleasure to be alliance partners with you guys once again. Even though we were eliminated in the semifinals, you guys were fantastic and our semifinal matches were intense. We look forward to competing with you guys in Ann Arbor.