pic: Team 316


Cheers to everyone for a hopefully successfull build season. Hope to see you in Philly and Annapolis.

Whoa that base looks sooo cool, I bet it can drive in circles like a champ, then shoot stright That looks awasome.
Best of luck to you this year

Is tipping a problem?

Its R2-D2 version 2.0 without and covering! Looks pretty sweet. Wish I could see it in action…

Tipping was a problem in the beginning stages of build, but we had a engineer find out how far we need to send the battery and compressor out to take care of that problem. Hence the shooting batterybox

how about it reacting to emergency stops? say like moving at top speed then immediately stopping with the arm fully extended? otherwise looks sharp GJ!

good job guys, nice arm. :cool:

If we run at top speed without our batterybox out then yes we would tip. But we always have it out when we have control of a tetra

Also, with the drive wheels in the center, once you tip, you lose traction (stopping force), so your momentum, instead of being stopped by the wheels, kinda rolls. Not 100% reliable, but it definitely helps.

nice lookin bot. looks like Philly will be interesting. good luck.

Nice looking bot, LuNaTeCs! Can’t wait to see you guys in action in Philly. Love the arm.

So your battery box is motorized? Does it come out for the whole match, or just when you pick up a tetra?

It’s moved pneumatically whenever the bot has a tetra.