pic: Team 3161 Tronic Titans 2017 Robot Reveal

Team 3161 Tronic Titans proudly presents our 2017 robot Astraeus.

We would like to thank our sponsors, KPMG, Century 21 Pace Reality, McGowen Insurance Services LTD, Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School, Oakland Ford, and the Halton Catholic district school board, on helping us in our 7th season.

Robot Specs:

Drive train

  • Kit bot chassis
    -2 cim 8 wheel drive (4" colson)
    -Wide configuration
    -geared for 13 fps

-Surgical tubing intake powered by a 30:1 VP with a 775pro
-Poly cord elevator

-2 775 pros connected to a dual input VP and a 3:1 outer stage
-Fixed hood configured for boiler shot.

-80 ball capacity
-Back feed wheel connected to a 30:1 VP powered by a 775pro
-Agitator wheel connected to a 100:1 VP powered by bag motor

Gear Mechanism
-Fully passive

Climber (Recently added)
-Velcro climber powered by a 100:1 VP with a 775pro and a ratchet on the other end.
-5 second climb.