pic: Team 3198's logo

I created this logo for our team for our rookie year. Community opinions + c/c welcome.

Cool, I like it. Hope it serves your team for years to come.

Cool name. Is the accent on the 2nd syllable, “ro-BOT-omy”, like with 'labotomy?"

Indeed, our name is a pun on lobotomy. :smiley:
It cursed us, though. I nearly destroyed the brain of our robot… tee hee.

For a young team you guys got some creative stuff goin on with your name, logo, web site, crate, etc. If that creativity finds it way into your robots you should do well.

Thanks. The robot was definitely the toughest part! It’s a shame we never got to video or photo it before ship.

That’s a pretty common situation. As your tag line says, never enough time. You’ll find you get better at it with experience. Just a piece of unsolicited advice…set a drop dead deadline for yourself of 5 weeks instead of 6. That will leave time for things like videos, changes, and practice.