pic: Team 326's new Transmission


This is our new transmission, it has several speeds and a brake.

We will be at Finger Lakes, Great Lakes and Nat’s this year.

Any Questions Feel Free to ask

What motor(s) drive it ? What is it for ? Are there any furthor gear reductions or are you driving directly off of that ? How much does it weigh ? What year is that penny ? How did u make it so pretty?

same questions he asked except for the year of the penny its obviosly a 1998 penny dummie

Exactly how many speeds is “several”?

Two Chippewa Motors drive it, there are three shift-able sections with eight possible combinations but we are only using high, low, and brake. It weighs 10 Newtons (About 2.25 lbs). It’s “so pretty” because its made out of “Black Oxide” Steel. It drives our Drive Train with one on each center wheel of a six wheel drive system.

Can we see what’s on the inside? How about some drawings. Looks nice. I’d love to know more.


yeah… how many speeds does it have?
also… is it shift on the fly?
and… is the brake a physical stop of a friction stop?
:slight_smile: its pretty :wink:

nice job on the tranny…it loox awesome…lol all the questions that i was gonna ask was already asked, so im not gonna bother, i’ll just wait till u answer it :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Only one really important question - what do we have to do to get some of them?!!?!! (or at least get enough info to build our own :))


What shifts it? pnuematics, a servo, or something else? did you design it from scratch, or did this idea come from something else?

i’d love to see a pic before it went together.

As I said before there are eight possible speeds but we are only using High, Low, and a Brake. The brake is a physical brake, it works by Locking one of the planetary gear-sets. It has no problem shifting while in motion.

We have been debating over the best way to shift it and I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be a servo at this point although it would work just fine with Pneumatics. The Design is all our own, its just simply three sets of planetary gears with a shifting mechanism to lock different gear ratios. I’ll work on getting more pics later.